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Latest News

Save Ivanhoe

We are a residents group that was formed in August 2011 as a response to the draft Ivanhoe Structure Plan released in July 2011. The Plan proposed major changes to the Banyule Planning Scheme to introduce new zones, overlays and guidelines. While residents had a multitude of concerns with the 2011 plan, the key issues were planning changes to allow 4, 5, 6 & 8 storey buildings at various places throughout the suburb. A summary of our concerns is included separately on this website. 

Save Ivanhoe's aim is to provide a voice for residents throughout the process and to keep residents informed of the latest news.

Please check our News section of the website for all the latest information.

In 2011 Council received 900 submissions regarding the proposed plan. On the back of this feedback Council passed a resolution to scrap the original draft plan and to work closely with the community to form a new plan.

On 17 December 2012 Council voted to formally adopt the new structure plan. As copy of the plan is available at Council's website

In October 2013 the Minister for Planning approved Interim Planning Controls for Ivanhoe.

In May 2015 the Interim Planning Controls became Permanent Planning Controls. It was a logical time to scale back the Save Ivanhoe Residents Group activity on what had been an extensive process. Since that time there has been numerous development proposals in the Activity Centre zone. As a group we have typically stayed away from highlighting individual development proposals as it was not part of our original purpose. The exception has been when proposals are significantly outside the guidelines of the Planning Scheme.


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