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Latest News

Council Says

Last week Cr Jenny Mulholland moved the following motion:

Author: Cr Jenny Mulholland
Ward: Griffin
File: BS16/105/012
TAKE NOTICE that it is my intention to move:
“1. That Council confirms that the first draft of the Ivanhoe Structure Plan is not appropriate to the needs and aspirations of the Ivanhoe community.
2. That Council acknowledges that the feedback from the consultation process to date identifies the need for a new draft Ivanhoe Structure Plan.
3. That Council is committed to working in partnership with the community on the development of a new draft Ivanhoe Structure Plan.”
The Ivanhoe Project commenced when the Ivanhoe Community Consultative Committee was formed on 19 May 2008. The Project was established to develop the Ivanhoe Structure Plan and the Ivanhoe Civic Precinct Master Plan.
On 29 August 2011, Council resolved to undertake further consultation on the plan and broaden resident participation by accepting two nominations from the local community group. The group declined to formally accept representative positions but agreed to send two observers along to the Committee. This increased the number of residents attending to five.
On 12 September 2011, Council resolved to further expand resident representation on the Committee to widen public consultation and develop a new draft Structure Plan. On 10 October, Council accepted five resident nominations to the Consultative Committee increasing the number of residents attending the committee to 11, including the Chair and Ward Councillor, Cr Jenny Mulholland.
Since the release of the first draft of the Structure Plan Council has received more than 700 submissions and has had hundreds of people attend public consultation on the development of a plan since 2007.
Council will continue to actively engage with the community in the development of a plan and recognises the need that the draft plan is not appropriate to the needs of the Ivanhoe Community.


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