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Latest News

Council Says


At the October 10 Council meeting Cr Jenny Mulholland proposed that an addtional 5 resident representatives would be added to the Community Consultative Committee (CCC). This is in addition to the 2 observers from Save Ivanhoe. We would like to thank Council would adding these extra members to the CCC. The first CCC meeting with the new members was held last week.

Below is the motion proposed by Cr Mulholland:
For Council to consider nominations to the Ivanhoe Community Consultative Committee and appoint three new residents. 
Resolution (CO2011/279)
1. That Council appoint an additional five Ivanhoe resident representatives to the Ivanhoe Community Consultative Committee being: 
• Allison Griffiths 
• Clare Gleghorn 
• Dr Jan Schapper 
• Kevin Biaggini 
• Peter Hillman 
2. That Council note the additional two representatives is over and above the Council resolution dated 12 September 2011.  
Moved:  Cr Jenny Mulholland 
Seconded:  Cr Craig Langdon


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