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Latest News


Mandatory Maximum Height Controls now in place for Ivanhoe 08-Oct-2018
Permanent Height Controls - Submissions due in by 20 July 03-Jul-2018
Permanent Height Controls - Get Your Submission In! 03-Jul-2018
Draft Ivanhoe Parking Plan - Community Session next Tuesday 6 February 01-Feb-2018
Mandatory Height Controls for Ivanhoe confirmed 05-Nov-2017
Letter from the Minister regarding 40 Upper Heidelberg Rd 31-Oct-2017
Mandatory Heights - Question in Parliament to the Minister for Planning 20-Sep-2017
Initial Response from Minister for Planning 19-Sep-2017
Mandatory Heights for Ivanhoe - Letter to Minister for Planning 19-Sep-2017
40 UHR application goes to VCAT 19-Sep-2017
Council refuses permit for 40 UHR development 19-Sep-2017
40 Upper Heidelberg Rd - extra information session in Ivanhoe on Monday 26 June 21-Jun-2017
40 Upper Heidelberg Rd development application - Ref P1498/2016. 9-10 storey building 19-Jun-2017
Permanent Controls approved by Minister for Planning 08-Jun-2015
Revised Structure Plan expected to be adopted at next Council meeting 23-Nov-2014
Spike of development applications outside the planning guidelines 08-Oct-2014
Ivanhoe Civic Centre - update from Council 09-Sep-2014
Planning Panel Sessions 13-14 May 27-Apr-2014
Civic Precinct Masterplan Workshops 27-Apr-2014
Upcoming sessions regarding the Civic Centre Masterplan 12-Mar-2014
Council's response 12-Mar-2014
Council fails development test at first hurdle 02-Mar-2014
Have your say now 10-Dec-2013
Interim Controls Approved 10-Dec-2013
Breaking News - Interim Planning Controls granted today 28-Oct-2013
Four months on and little progress 08-Oct-2013
Update from Banyule Council 05-Aug-2013
Council approves amendments and requests interim planning controls 11-Jun-2013
Schedules to be approved at Council meeting of 3 June 28-May-2013
Council expected to finalise planning scheme amendments by June 28-Apr-2013
Resolution (CO2012/3) - wording 19-Dec-2012
Council adopts structure plan 19-Dec-2012
Open letter to the Ivanhoe community 16-Dec-2012
Council's response to 'no decision' on 55 Lwr Heidelberg Rd 14-Dec-2012
Council fails to make a decision regarding development on a key site 12-Dec-2012
Council to decide on Ivanhoe Structure Plan this coming Monday – 17th December 12-Dec-2012
Darebin Creek trail to be linked to Main Yarra trail 10-Dec-2012
Update from Council 02-Dec-2012
Darebin Creek to Main Yarra bike path - rally Sunday 9 December 28-Nov-2012
Update on new Draft Plan review 23-Oct-2012
Council to apply for Interim Planning Controls 27-Aug-2012
Do you agree with recommendations in the new draft plan? 23-Aug-2012
Book your spot for next week's information sessions 21-Aug-2012
New draft plan released for public comment 14-Aug-2012
Upcoming community information sessions 14-Aug-2012
New draft plan available Monday and letter to Council 09-Aug-2012
New draft plan expected to be released within days 08-Aug-2012
Danger zone: planning the city's future must include consultation 15-Jul-2012
Inner-city anger as huge complex gets nod 11-Jul-2012
State Govt announces new residential zones 11-Jul-2012
Housing glut hits suburbs 11-Jul-2012
Message from Banyule Council 09-Jul-2012
5 storeys approved in Bell St 04-Jul-2012
Timelines and Interim Planning Provisions 03-Jul-2012
New draft plan now expected July / August 11-Jun-2012
Meeting regarding guidelines for residential streets 30-May-2012
Sky is still the limit in residential streets - Heidelberg Leader 22-May-2012
Correspondence between Save Ivanhoe and Council regarding plans for residential streets 20-May-2012
Budget win for Ivanhoe aquatic centre 16-May-2012
Local MP clashes with Councillor 15-May-2012
The Age: Check on high-rises too late? 10-May-2012
4 storeys and above permitted in residential streets 09-May-2012
Ivanhoe library centre of master plan angst 04-May-2012
Ivanhoe Population and other Demographics over time 01-May-2012
Letter to Council - points for clarification 26-Apr-2012
Concerns with higher density developments 26-Apr-2012
Making Rooms at the Top 25-Apr-2012
Are there circumstances where heights above 9 metres are permissible? 25-Apr-2012
Glossary of Planning Terms 25-Apr-2012
Melbourne's population growth 24-Apr-2012
What's your vision for Ivanhoe? 24-Apr-2012
New draft activity centre boundary 23 April 2012 23-Apr-2012
New draft structure plan to be released in June 2012 23-Apr-2012
A future structure plan for East Ivanhoe? 18-Apr-2012
What streets are included in the new boundary? 18-Apr-2012
Council rejects 5 storey developments in East Ivanhoe that will now go to VCAT 12-Apr-2012
What are the recommendations for residential streets? 12-Apr-2012
Draft recommendations for 5 'opportunity sites' available for download 11-Apr-2012
Workshop Agenda for 21 April 11-Apr-2012
Community Workshop - Residential Areas - Saturday 21 April 10-Apr-2012
Community Workshops, Civic Centre, Residential Areas & Planning Applications 26-Mar-2012
Updates to Banyule Council's website 26-Mar-2012
Baillieu Government's proposed planning reforms 20-Mar-2012
Letter from Council 14-Mar-2012
Frequently Asked Questions 14-Mar-2012
CCC - draft Terms of Reference 08-Mar-2012
Next community workshops 22nd and 24th March 01-Mar-2012
Matthew Guy: new "Capital City Zone" - height restrictions abolished 20-Feb-2012
Banyule Council seeks compromise on planning 14-Feb-2012
Community Workshops 24 & 24 March 13-Feb-2012
Tom Melican elected Mayor 22-Dec-2011
Role of the CCC, new members and contact list 17-Dec-2011
Update - Letter from Council 17-Dec-2011
On a mission to 'save Ivanhoe' 13-Dec-2011
Mandatory Maximum Height Controls v Preferred Maximum Heights 07-Dec-2011
Banyule's Population Projections 07-Dec-2011
Planning should be about creating communities, not just buildings 02-Dec-2011
Save Ivanhoe Community Planning Principles 29-Nov-2011
Suburban Towers Raise Ire 26-Nov-2011
Maximum Building Heights in the News 23-Nov-2011
Two 7 storey towers in Westley Ave not proceeding 19-Nov-2011
Dr Michael Buxton speaking at FoB AGM - 24 November 15-Nov-2011
Survey No. 2 - Maximum Preferred Heights - Results 14-Nov-2011
Report - The Housing We Want 09-Nov-2011
CCC meeting, new plan delayed to 2012 & Built Form Workshops next week 09-Nov-2011
Higher density and overshadowing 09-Nov-2011
Preferred Maximum Heights - online survey, last days 08-Nov-2011
New Built Form workshops 15 & 19 November 08-Nov-2011
Council's motion regarding plan in the news 02-Nov-2011
Ivanhoe Neighbourhood Barefoot Bowls this Sunday 6 November 02-Nov-2011
Does Melbourne need high density housing? 02-Nov-2011
State Govt: new residential zones plan "within weeks" 31-Oct-2011
Ivanhoe residents slam eight-storey plan 26-Oct-2011
What happened at the CCC meeting? 24-Oct-2011
Darebin Parklands Discovery Day - Sunday 13 November 24-Oct-2011
Mock-ups of 3, 4, 5, 6 , 7 & 8 storey buildings in Ivanhoe 22-Oct-2011
Discovering Ivanhoe Blog 22-Oct-2011
Ivanhoe Neighbourhood Barefoot Bowls - Sunday 6 November 22-Oct-2011
Public Consultation Motion - "draft plan not appropriate" 22-Oct-2011
Website traffic - 20,000 page views 22-Oct-2011
Heidelberg Leader - Have Your Say 20-Oct-2011
Preliminary Feedback to Draft Plan 18-Oct-2011
Survey No.1 Results 18-Oct-2011
5 extra residents appointed to the Community Consultative Committee 17-Oct-2011
Barefoot Bowls - Sunday 6 November - Save the Date 17-Oct-2011
Disturbing Developments, The Age 13-Oct-2011
Ivanhoe residents tell council not to be dense, Banyule and Nillumbik Weekly 11-Oct-2011
Fairy Hills Residents walk Saturday 15 October, 11am - 12.30pm 11-Oct-2011
Higher Density v Low, Medium and High Density 07-Oct-2011
Transport & Built Form Workshops 06-Oct-2011
The Triangle Wars - film release 06-Oct-2011
Meeting with Council & next week's Information Sessions 04-Oct-2011
Ivanhoe Pde in the news 04-Oct-2011
Ivanhoe Plan in the Herald Sun today 02-Oct-2011
Justifying the boundary of the Activity Centre 30-Sep-2011
Darebin Parklands, Planning & Housing Demand 29-Sep-2011
3D Shadow Images 26-Sep-2011
Planning at Phillip Island - decision reversed 24-Sep-2011
Council announces new public meetings for 13 & 15 October 24-Sep-2011
Planning in the News 21-Sep-2011
Website traffic in first 4 weeks 21-Sep-2011
Save Ivanhoe Signs & Bumper Stickers 21-Sep-2011
Anthony Carbines MP - speech to Victorian Parliament 21-Sep-2011
What were the Baillieu Government's planning election promises? 21-Sep-2011
My Ivanhoe & Overcrowded Trains 21-Sep-2011
The Baillieu Governments Planning Policy 21-Sep-2011
Would you like to be part of the Community Consultative Committee? 21-Sep-2011
Residents Working Groups Meeting 20-Sep-2011
Quick Update 13-Sep-2011
Saturday's Neighbourhood Walk 11-Sep-2011
Residents Working Groups Meeting Thu 15 Sept 09-Sep-2011
Neighbourhood Walk This Saturday 10 September, 9am 08-Sep-2011
Save the Date - This Saturday 10 September 2011, 9am - 11am 06-Sep-2011
Interesting Stats 06-Sep-2011
Monday's Council Meeting 01-Sep-2011
Story in The Age today 31-Aug-2011
Council Information Night 31-Aug-2011
Briefing Session Mon 29 August 29-Aug-2011
Walk through Ivanhoe with Anthony Carbines MP 28-Aug-2011
Neighbourhood Walk with Anthony Carbines (Member for Ivanhoe) - Saturday 27 August 2011, 11am 25-Aug-2011
Formation of Save Ivanhoe group 24-Aug-2011
Overview of draft Ivanhoe Structure Plan 22-Aug-2011


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