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Latest News


Latest news from Save Ivanhoe:
1. Community Workshops
Last week Council held Community Workshops and discussed the recommendations by MGS Architects for the Upper Heidelberg Rd Shopping Strip, Ivanhoe Station and Lower Heidelberg Rd. There were also updates to the Darebin Station and Coles Plaza sites. 
If you have not familiarised yourself with the new recommendations please do so in the coming weeks and provide your feedback to Council @ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . You and your neighbours are the best to represent your area. Don't leave it to others. This is an extremely important time to provide feedback prior to the new draft plan being released. Given the time and effort being put into developing the new draft there may be little opportunity for change once the new draft has been released. 
2.Civic Centre
So far the Community Workshops have covered 5 of the 6 'opportunity sites'. The Civic Centre and a vision for Ivanhoe are to be covered at a workshop on Saturday 21st April – please put this date in your diary now.
3. Residential Areas
While the focus in the last few months has been the 6 opportunity sites there has been no discussion on the residential areas that border these areas. We understand that MGS Architects are still working on recommendations for these areas including those designated as 'Pedestrian Priority Precincts'. We've been advised that the border of the activity centre will be reviewed at the same time. This is extremely important for all residents as what have been traditional residential streets may be altered in the planning scheme. More information when it comes to hand and at workshops.
4. Contact to sign petition
There was a report this week about residents being contacted to sign a petition supporting higher development and higher population in Ivanhoe for the chance to win $100,000. This is obviously a strange request so please be careful what you sign up for.
5. Planning applications within the Structure Plan Study Area
Plenty of activity over the last few months around Ivanhoe including applications for 5 storey apartments in East Ivanhoe.  Last weekend a couple of properties sold within the identified opportunity site bordering Darebin Station and it is understood there will be planning applications made for significant development on these sites. More development activity in the Lower Ivanhoe area with the Liberty service station in Lwr Heidelberg Rd on the market and site developers attending the recent workshop testing their plans. Any recommendations in the structure plan won't become part of the planning scheme for some time. With that in mind we have had a number of residents ask "How do Council assess new planning applications in this interim period? Are they assessed in line with the structure plan recommendations? If not, what does this mean for the extensive community consultations and work Council is putting in to develop appropriate built form guidelines for such sites? Does this mean the structure planning process has been wasted?”  We will endeavour to get answers to these queries.
6. Community Consultative Committee
The Committee has met twice already this year and will meet again on 27th March and 17th April to discuss MGS Architects recommendations for the new plan. Contact details for members of the CCC can be found on the Council Website 


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