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Latest News


1. IMPORTANT - Community Workshop, Saturday 21st April: 12noon - 4pm

Are you up to date on the current recommendations for Ivanhoe as an activity centre’s future development – ie. draft boundaries, draft guidelines for residential areas, the five key opportunity development sites, the Civic precinct and draft built form guidelines?

What do you think about these recommendations that will shape development in Ivanhoe?

Are you and your neighbours making sure you have your say before the new draft is released in May/June?

In the 21st April workshop, Council is wanting to hear your views on the proposed:

  • Boundaries for the structure plan;
  • Future development in residential areas within /adjacent to the activity centre;
  • The Civic Precinct
  • Vision for Ivanhoe;

Council will also have on display the draft Built Form guidelines for the 5 key development opportunity sites in order for you to ask questions or make comment.

Yes this workshop is 4 hours - if you can’t attend for the whole session you can drop in any time between 12noon and 4pm and join in the discussion or look at the draft proposals on display & ask questions /make comments and when you have to leave.

Proposals regarding development sites, draft built form guidelines and community feedback to date can be viewed on Council’s website http://www.banyule.vic.gov.au/ivanhoeproject/ . You will also find links to this on SI website under the News Section.

If you are unable to attend the workshop makes sure you email your comments to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

2. Community Consultative Committee (CCC) and Save Ivanhoe Residents Group

Save Ivanhoe Residents Group continues to relay resident feedback and questions about the impact of the development proposals and draft built form guidelines throughout the whole study area and on local residential areas. We have continued to ask questions about the planning process /workshops / council – resident communications and planning policy. We also suggested Council prepare documents to inform the community about the planning process, including the CCC term of reference and the built form guidelines distributed at the last workshop.

Save Ivanhoe also has a couple of representatives on the CCC. This year, the CCC has had discussions about the five key opportunity sites for development and the Civic Precinct, just prior to the March workshops. The agenda for the next meeting on 17th April includes feedback from the built form workshops in March, the workshop on 21st April, discussion on proposals for the vision, residential areas guidelines, draft boundaries and the Civic Precinct. CCC members have also attended the workshops and assist with facilitating table discussions.

3. Will Current Development Activity / Planning Applications pre-empt the Structure Plan?

Residents continue to contact us about the current surge of property sales, and pending sales, on or near proposed key opportunity sites within the study area.

Please talk to/email your questions and concerns to Council regarding these potential development applications within the study area, which may have development applications submitted prior to the structure plan being adopted by Council.


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