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Latest News


At the community workshop on the 21st April, Rob McGauran from MGS architects, presented his recommendations for the new activity centre boundary. Some streets that were in the original activity centre boundary have been excluded while other streets that we not in the original boundary have now been included.

Streets that were not in the original boundary that have now been included in the new boundary are:

Dudley St (north), Green St (west), Rossi St, Ford St (rear), Maltravers Rd (north side), Rotherwood Rd, Russell St, Lower Heidelberg Rd (Fairy Hills side), Salisbury Ave (north), Buchanan St, Rockbeare Grv, Rocke St, Waverley Ave (west), Abbotsford Grv (west) and Wynstay Cres.

Please note that Banyule Council is yet to form a position on MGS's recommendations so the boundary may change again when the new structure plan is realeased. As such now is the time to provide your feedback to Council at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

A map of the proposed boundary is included below and a softcopy can be downloaded here:

new activity centre boundary 23apr2012


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