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Latest News


Did you attend the Ivanhoe Fiesta last week? You may have noticed local State MP Anthony Carbines had a couple of Save Ivanhoe signs at his tent.

This has caused a bit of a stir with Cr Jenny Mulholland accusing Anthony Carbines of politicising the structure plan. “It was a wonderful day but I felt what he did was inappropriate,” Cr Mulholland said.

Mr Carbines hit back, saying he was engaging the community in an important issue. "I'm not just there to hand out balloons and be a pretty face," he said. "I don't make any apologies for representing issues important to my residents. The residents of Ivanhoe would be much better served by council if they spent time passing motions calling for a new library for Ivanhoe or reducing rate rises in Ivanhoe rather than attacking local members of parliament."

Mayor Tom Melican said he had no issue with the incident and Mr Carbines had the right to display signs at the festival.

You can read about the debate in this weeks Heidelberg Leader and Banyule and Nillumbik Weekly.

Banyule councillors hit out at Ivanhoe MP

MP Anthony Carbines clashes with council


To be clear, Save Ivanhoe has had no contact with Anthony Carbines and did not know that his team would be displaying the signs. We also understand where Jenny Mulholland is coming from. Nevertheless we welcome politicians from all sides to take an active part in the debate. This is a local issue that trancends traditional political lines. And we still have some spare signs if others are interested in promoting the issues!

Protection of residential streets is what we are currently focussed on with Council admitting that 4 storeys and above is permitted in the new plan. This is unacceptable to residents. Ivanhoe is essentially a residential area and the community is adamant that the core residential nature of Ivanhoe and its distinctive natural environment is maintained in future development activity. 



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