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Latest News


Last week representatives from Save Ivanhoe Residents' Group met with Cr Jenny Mulholland, Banyule's CEO, Simon McMillan, and council officers to discuss the guidelines for residential streets.

There was a general agreement that clear guidelines are required for all areas within the activity centre and that there is still work to be done to define guidelines for residential streets that will provide provide clarity for residents and preserve Ivanhoe's highly valued neighbourhood character.

Whilst the community's preference for a 2 storey height limit was restated, Council officers pointed to the State Government's ResCode that already allows buildings up to 9m in residential streets. However it was reassuring to hear Council officers' view that buildings in residential streets above 9m in height are not appropriate in residential Ivanhoe and that higher and larger developments will be focused in the six opportunity sites, as discussed in the community workshops.

We are now awaiting details as to what the exact local and built form guidelines will be for residential areas within the activity centre.

We have requested detail in the guidelines which provide clarity regarding Council's preferred position in relation to:

  • Higher and larger developments focused in the 6 opportunity sites, as recommended by Rob McGauran
  • 9m height restrictions in Residential Accessible Transition Areas
  • Significant setbacks (front, back & sides)
  • Overshadowing & overlooking
  • Landscaping in keeping with the character of Ivanhoe
  • Subdivision of land - lot sizes and number of dwellings permitted
  • Type of preferred development in residential streets eg. town houses/ units
  • Site coverage & permeability
  • Preservation of existing neighbourhood character and heritage
  • Site consolidation
  • Vegetation overlay and the replacement of open / green space lost with increased density
  • Car-parking provisions for new developments
  • Clearly defined activity centre boundary

Banyule Council are currently working on these guidelines and they will be discussed at the next Community Consultative Committee (CCC) meeting which is scheduled for next week. There was a commitment from Simon McMillan that the new plan would not be released until these guidelines are clearly defined.

Once we have more information as to the exact nature of the guidelines we will update the website.


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