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Latest News


Council ran a Community Consultative Committee (CCC) meeting last week. Discussions centred around the boundary, residential streets, transport and vision statements. Council are still working on the various documents that will make up the plan but there are a few points to note:


The new draft plan is not expected to be released until July / August. Residents will have an opportunity to provide feedback on the new draft plan when it is released 

Council elections are late October so there are a number of weeks leading into this where Council goes into a caretaker mode. The impact to the Ivanhoe Structure Plan process is that there will not be enough time for a new plan to be approved by Council prior to these elections. 


The draft activity centre boundary has been amended slightly compared to the map presented at the community workshop on 21 April. This is still a work in progress so please keep checking the news section of the website for latest updates.

Heights in Residential Streets

Council officers stated that the preferred future character of the 'accessible transitional residential areas' is typically 2-3 storey scale, fitting in to a 9 metre height limit. Council are yet to define exactly what 'height' means - ie. does this include the roofline? etc. We hope to be able to provide clarity on this key issue in the coming days.

Once Council provide more information we will update the website.


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