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Latest News


If you received a copy of last week's Banyule and Nillumbik Weekly you may have noticed an article on the Ivanhoe Structure Plan. http://www.banyuleandnillumbikweekly.com.au/news/local/news/general/ivanhoe-structure-plan-not-looking-good/2603739.aspx

A couple of points to note and clarify:

1. Timelines

Banyule Council are currently finalising the new draft plan. There is still some work to get the document finalised. Council expect to release the new draft for public comment sometime in August. There will then be time to provide community feedback at that stage.

Council elections are 27 October 2012. Council goes into caretaker mode for a number of weeks prior to the election  What it means for the structure plan is that there will be no time for Council to have a formal position on the final structure plan before the election. Realistically, it will be the newly elected Council who would be making final recommendations to submit it to State Government. Once the plan has been submitted to State Government we have been advised it could take up to 2 years for the plan to be approved and for new guidelines to be formally entered in the planning scheme.

2. Interim Planning Provisions

In the article you will notice local MP, Anthony Carbines, has called for Banyule Council to implement interim planning controls before the new structure plan guidelines make it into the planning scheme. "This mechanism would allow the Council to protect Ivanhoe from high-density development put forth by developers who want to beat the new rules" he said.

State Government guidelines states that "while planning authorities prepare structure plans, development proposals will continue to be lodged and will have to be dealt with in accordance with the planning scheme provisions. In order to manage change while the structure plan and planning scheme amendment are being prepared, the Minister for Planning will enable planning authorities to introduce interim provisions in planning schemes. Interim provisions for structure plans can help manage change and protect key features and opportunities in centres while final structure plans are being prepared."

Last month representatives from Save Ivanhoe Residents Group met with Banyule Council to discuss various aspects of the new draft plan. Banyule's CEO, Simon McMillan, stated that Council would consider applying for interim planning controls for Ivanhoe - but first the structure plan would need to be formally ratified by Council. Our understanding is that interim planning provisions would be applied for at the same time that the structure plan is sent to State Government for approval.



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