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Quick update and clarification on the release of the new draft plan. Councillors at the Council meeting on Monday 13th will be asked to note that the draft plan is to be released for community comment - Council is not being asked to approve the draft plan prior to the community consultation.

Save Ivanhoe Residents Group has written to Council regarding the draft plan.  Council officers have only included selective parts of this letter in the accompanying officer report to Council rather than the entire letter. The letter is reproduced below for your information.

We have also been informed that the meeting agenda, including draft plan and accompanying report, should be available on the Council website by Monday. Anyone interested in attending the Council meeting is welcome - 7.30pm.

Please check your diaries to ensure you can attend an information meeting and community workshop to give your feedback to Council on the draft plan.

Save Ivanhoe's letter to Council:

Vincent Ryan & Rachel Dapiran
Ivanhoe Project
Banyule City Council

CC: Cr Jenny Mulholland, Cr Craig Langdon, Cr Peter McKenna, Cr Steven Briffa, Cr Jessica Paul, Cr Wayne Phillips, Cr Tom Melican, Simon McMillan, Scott Walker 7 August

Dear Rachel and Vincent

RE: Ivanhoe Structure Plan – new draft plan and role of Save Ivanhoe Residents Group

This letter is to accompany the Draft Structure Plan and the Ivanhoe Community Consultative Committee (ICCC) Report to be noted by Council at its meeting on 13th August 2012. The Save Ivanhoe Residents Group has appreciated the opportunity to represent the community on the ICCC, bringing the community’s questions, issues and concerns to the planning discussions regarding the future development of Ivanhoe as a designated activity area.  Save Ivanhoe has submitted documented responses outlining the community’s views on development proposals considered by the ICCC.  It has also valued the ongoing discussions with planning officers, MGS and Councillors in ensuring the community’s views are heard and considered.

Council will understand that given Save Ivanhoe’s role is to provide a voice for residents throughout the process and to keep residents informed, its representatives are not in a position to endorse or reject the draft plan, as only the community can do this. We will continue to encourage the community to provide Council with feedback about what they like and dislike about the draft plan throughout the planned community consultations.

There are however a number of issues about which the community clearly has a dissenting view including:

  • The preferred building heights recommended for diversity and accessible areas are higher than residents have suggested in surveys, workshops and feedback
  • The preferred height for development on the Uniting Church site should be 15m consistent with surrounding sites
  • The use of ‘preferred’ rather than ‘maximum’ building heights in both diversity and accessible areas
  • The absence of population targets for the projected increased housing demand
  • The omission of replacement green space lost to high and medium density development

The community also remains concerned about the future amenity of Ivanhoe including:

  • The safeguarding of neighbourhood character in accessible areas
  • The continuation of vegetation overlays in accessible areas 
  • Traffic management
  • The lack of an integrated reliable public transport system to support increased population Infrastructure delivery to support the proposed level of development
  • Sustainability standards in new developments

The Save Ivanhoe Residents Group appreciates the Council’s commitment to community consultation and its willingness to engage in constructive dialogue and robust discussion about planning policy, development issues and community views regarding Ivanhoe as an activity area. It should be noted however we are disappointed that given timing issues, the ICCC has been unable to view the final version of the draft plan as a whole nor the accompanying report to Council.

Save Ivanhoe Residents Group looks forward to the community’s discussion of the draft plan, and its continuing dialogue with Council regarding the future of Ivanhoe.

Yours sincerely

Helen Carr & Luke McNamara
Co-convenors – Save Ivanhoe Residents’ Group
0409 943 009 /0438 355 667 Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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