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Latest News


The new draft plan is out. Save Ivanhoe Residents Group acknowledges that the  draft plan has involved extensive consultation and is an improvement from what was initially proposed last year. This however is not an endorsement of the plan by Save Ivanhoe. That's not our role. It is the community  that will make such a decision (or otherwise) through its feedback to Council once the plan has been read and workshops attended.

This is a last reminder to book into one of the three  information sessions being held next week to make sure you know what the draft plan is recommending and tell Council what you think about it.  So remind your neighbours, get out your diary and let Council know what sessions you will attend to have your say about the future.

Here are  a few questions to help you along the way:

  • Do you know where future development in Ivanhoe will be concentrated, what will it look like and why?  Do you agree with this?
  • How does the draft plan preserve neighbourhood character, open space and green leafy nature of Ivanhoe?
  • What will it mean for you if you are living in a designated precinct where most change will occur?
  • Do you live in an accessible residential area and if so, do know what development can take place next door and in your neighbouring streets?
  • Does the draft plan give you certainty about future development or do you think it is open to exception through the use of  the term 'preferred' regarding heights, setbacks and landscaping rather than 'maximum'?
  • Does the draft plan designate replacement of green space for higher density housing development and an increased population?
  • What does the draft plan recommend about future infrastructure and traffic management?

Click here for more details on next weeks' information sessions and how to book a place.



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