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After the current public consultation period it is expected Council officers will make final amendments to the Ivanhoe Structure Plan before it is presented to Councillors for formal approval. We anticipate this will be late 2012 or early 2013. The plan must then be approved by State Government (Department of Planning and Community Development). Once approved by DPCD, Banyule Council must then pass amendments to the local planning scheme. We understand this process can take in the vicinity of two years to complete.

So how do Council handle development applications during that period? One way is to request Interim Planning Controls during this period. In effect, if interim planning controls are approved, Council can evaluate development applications based on the recommendations in the Ivanhoe Structure Plan.

In May, Save Ivanhoe requested Council apply for Interim Planning Controls. At tonight's Council meeting, Cr Jenny Mulholland will put forward a request for Interim Planning Controls to be granted by the Minister for Planning, Matthew Guy MP. This is an important step in the process and one Save Ivanhoe welcomes.

Wording for the motion is detailed below:

Notice of Motion
Ordinary Meeting of Council - 27 August 2012 Page 39
Author: Cr Jenny Mulholland
Ward: Griffin
File: BS16/105/006

TAKE NOTICE that it is my intention to move:
1. That Council write to the Minister for Planning, The Hon. Matthew Guy MP, requesting interim planning controls over the recommended area in the recently released draft of the Ivanhoe Structure Plan.
2. That the explanation is also sent in a letter as a matter of urgency to the Minister's office and Electorate Office in Rosanna.


Council, at its Meeting held on 13 August 2012, resolved as follows in item 6.1 New Ivanhoe Draft Structure Plan:
1. That Council note the release of the new Draft Ivanhoe Structure Plan and undertake further consultation.
2. That Council note the consultation undertaken to date and its continuation for the new draft.
3. That Council thanks the participation of members of the Ivanhoe Community Consultative Committee to date.

There has been concern in the community that whilst waiting for this draft plan to be adopted, some developers have already purchased land and will lodge applications prior to the interim controls being in place.

The Draft Plan, although only noted by Council at this stage, has not had any opposition from major community groups (as was demonstrated when the draft plan came to Council for noting last meeting. No requests were made to speak and no community groups were present in the Chambers.) I therefore request that the Minister be requested to approve the interim controls to protect and save the Ivanhoe community from inappropriate development in this interim period.



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