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Latest News


For those that were not at the Council meeting on Monday night here is the wording of the Urgent Motion that was carried:

Resolution (CO2011/214)
That Council consider an item of Urgent Business relating to the Ivanhoe Draft Structure Plan.
Moved: Cr Jenny Mulholland
Seconded: Cr Jessica Paul CARRIED

Resolution (CO2011/215)
1. That Council allows public submissions on the first draft up until 5 September and will then continue to receive submission to be ongoing until November.

2. That Council ensures that afternoon and evening public meetings about the further draft Plan are well advertised with adequate notice, and consist of:

• Background information on structure planning and the draft Ivanhoe Structure Plan
• Questions and answers sessions from the community
• A clear explanation of the next steps in the process

3. That Council ensures that any inconsistencies or matters of ambiguity in the current draft are rectified in the next draft.

4. That Council officers meet with community representatives to discuss the next draft of the plan.

5. That the Ivanhoe Community Group nominate two additional representatives for inclusion on the Ivanhoe Structure Plan Community Consultative Committee.

Moved: Cr Jenny Mulholland
Seconded: Cr Craig Langdon CARRIED


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