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Below is a summary of the wording in the resolution passed by Council to adopt the structure plan.



Ms Helen Carr, Mr Roger Fyfe and Mr Kevin Biaggini spoke on the item.


To update Councillors on the consultation process and the revision of the new Draft Ivanhoe Structure Plan and consider its adoption.



1. That Council note the detailed responses to submissions on the New Draft Structure Plan.

2. That Council adopt the revised draft structure plan at Attachment B subject to the following inclusions in the Plan:

(a) Of an additional dot point on page 59 under the "Built Environment Objective" for the Ivanhoe Station precinct which may allow for additional height on the Council car park (the triangle site at 109 Waterdale Road), if replacement of existing car parking occurs and there is a contribution for additional car parking in the activity centre at an appropriate location such as the VicTrack/Scout hall land in Norman Avenue and the provision of a pedestrian ramp linking with a pedestrian overpass at this location.

(b) Of a statement that new residential development should be aged friendly residential development to promote access and consider flexibility around car parking requirements in recognition of the fact that some older people may not require a carpark.

(c) That screening heights of more than 1700mm are considered in residential development to ensure that the noise impact and overlooking of neighbouring residential properties is reduced and that balconies and rooftops are greened

3. That Council undertakes further work to achieve approval from the Minister for Planning for permanent controls for the Ivanhoe Major Activity area.

4. That the Mayor, as a matter of urgency, writes to the Minister for Planning requesting interim planning controls in accordance with the adopted Ivanhoe Structure Plan, dated 17 December 2012.

5. That Council acknowledges and thanks all the Ivanhoe Community Consultative Committee members and Council staff, who assisted at the public meetings, and in particular Vincent Ryan, Rachel Dapiran and the MGS consultant Rob McGauran.

Moved: Cr Jenny Mulholland

Seconded: Cr Craig Langdon CARRIED


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