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Latest News


It's been over four months since Council passed a resolution to support the guidelines in the Ivanhoe Structure Plan and to request the Department of Transport, Planning and Local Infrastructure (DTPLI) grant interim planning controls. At the time we were assured that the Planning Minister, Matthew Guy, and the DTPLI were aware of the progress that had been made and that interim planning controls would be granted in a matter of weeks.

In recent weeks we have received any increasing number of queries from residents as to the progress of this process. The general concern in the community is that all the work over the previous 18 months is at risk of being undone due to the delays.

Unfortunately, we have little to show for the last four months. Council has been working with the DTPLI but its is still not clear as to when there will be any decision made. The most recent changes to the plan was a watering down of guidelines for the property at 40 Heidelberg Rd, approved at last night's Council meeting.

The Community Consultative Committee has not met in recent months, primarily as there has been little to discuss.

We understand the Minister for Planning is aware of the request for interim planning controls. However to date, the perception is that there has been very little urgency to bring this to resolution. The lack of progress is disappointing and concerning. What has potential to become the model for good community engagement risks being derailed in Local and State government bureaucracy.

We wish we had more positive news at this stage in the process. We expect to receive a further update from Council next week and we will pass on any information that is made available


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