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Residents will have received a letter from Council informing them that the proposed changes to the planning scheme as a result of the Ivanhoe Activity Centre Structure Plan are now on public exhibition, as required by government.

Residents are invited to view these documented changes either at a Council Office or online through the Council’s website http://www.banyule.vic.gov.au/Council/News-and-Public-Notices/Ivanhoe-Activity-Area-Planning-Scheme-Amendments or the DTPLI website and then write to Council to support or argue against these changes.

The Planning Minister approved Interim controls for the Design and Development and Heritage Overlays only.

The Minister has authorised the Municipal Strategic Statement (MSS) to be publicly exhibited for comment and review prior to finalisation, (but he has no approved it as part of the interim controls). The MSS is the policy context on which the DDO will be interpreted. It reflects the vision, zoning and objectives for each zone and the DDOs.

The Minister has indicated in his letter to Council that “there may be a need to further refine" the MSS., Zones and DDOs - this could mean a weakening of the guidelines that the community sees as essential and to which Council has agreed in the Structure Plan.

The MSS, zones and DDO together reflect all the work done by the community and Council over 18 months in agreeing what development is appropriate and where it will be placed and how Ivanhoe ‘will look’ in the future through this development.

The community needs to send a strong message to Council and State Government to uphold the outcomes agreed and documented in the Structure Plan by approving the MSS, zoning and DDO without change. 

Of course we understand that some people will object to any development and to these proposed changes, and others will want less specific guidelines to open up development - the very thing the community rejected in 2011.

Do not remain silent, or leave it to your neighbours to comment - without your email comment or letter of support the plan can be changed on the advice of the Independent Review Panel or the DTPLI.

Council is receiving comments from the public from now until 13 February 2014.

Please read the documents on line or at Ivanhoe or Rosanna council offices as outlined on the Council letter and tell Council whether you agree or not to these changes to the planning scheme that support the structure plan. If you are not able to access the documents through this please call Ann North, Senior Strategic Planner at Council who is available Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday on by phoning 94579887.

Attached is a  submission template, provided by Council, to help you write your letter of support or objection. You do not have to use this template, however it would be essential to look at the information required in the template to make sure your letter gives the detail required for it to be seriously considered.

We would be alarmed that without community endorsing these planning scheme amendments that reflect the structure plan that was developed as a result of all the workshops, meetings, submissions, individual discussions, that it is possible for changes contrary to what the community ultimately negotiated with Council changes could be made.

Any change that open up the overall strategy for the Ivanhoe Activity Centre (the MSS) or the proposed development zones, or weaken the DDO (heights, setbacks, landscaping etc.) would run counter to the community's wishes and extraordinary hard work over the past couple of years.

Please have your say now.


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