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Latest News


After a relatively quiet few months we have had a significant jump in correspondence from residents concerned with development applications that sit outside the recommendations in the Ivanhoe Structure Plan. This has included sites near Darebin Station, Young St and the Westley Ave/Ivanhoe Pde site.

VCAT has already approved heights and setbacks for sites at Darebin Station that sit well outside the Structure Plan guidelines and the Interim Planning Controls.

If you have objections to a planning application we encourage you to contact your local councillor, Jenny Mulholland, mayor, Craig Langdon and the Banyule Council Planning department. And of course speak to your neighbours.

The Westley Ave development application is particularly controversial given its history, community backlash at a previous proposal and the proposed heights. The Structure Plan has recommendations of 4-6 storeys for this site, yet the current application has a height of 8 storeys. Some important notes:

  • It comprises a 160 apartment building and a convenience store at street level
  • The applicant seeks a waiver on 19 visitor spaces - this figure assumes a factor of 0.12 visitor spaces per apartment because of proximity to public transport
  • Only two spaces for staff vehicles are provided for the convenience store
  • A waiver on a loading bay is sought
  • The traffic analysis assumes 100% traffic entry and exit from Westley Avenue into Upper Heidelberg Road

The submission period closes on 14/10/14. The planning file can be inspected online at the Council's website.


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