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Latest News


It has been 2 years since the Victorian government approved Permanent Planning Controls for the Ivanhoe Activity Centre. It was a logical time to scale back the Save Ivanhoe Residents Group activity on what had been an extensive process. Since that time there has been numerous development proposals in the Activity Centre zone. As a group we have typically stayed away from highlighting individual development proposals as it was not part of our original purpose. The exception has been when proposals are significantly outside the guidelines of the Planning Scheme.

In the last few days we have had over 20 emails from residents about the development application for 40 Upper Heidelberg Rd Ivanhoe. You can view the plans at:

Key points on the application:

  • 9-10 storey building (28.5 metres) with 111 apartments. Note: The planning scheme has a preferred maximum height of 18 metres for this site
  • No Setbacks until 22.2 metres in height (only the last 2 floors have setbacks). Note: The planning scheme states that setbacks are required from 9 metres in height. These are to be 3 metres back on Upper Heidelberg Rd and 5 metres back on the railway reserve
  • This is effectively 4 storeys higher than the existing Woolworths building at 72 Upper Heidelberg Rd

Given the vast amount of effort the community and Banyule Council contributed to the Ivanhoe Structure Plan it is disappointing and alarming that this application deviates so significantly to the guidelines that were approved in the planning scheme.

If you have concerns such as the height, setbacks, visual bulk and privacy we encourage you to contact your local Councillors, Cr Peter Castaldo (Griffin Ward), Cr Craig Langdon (Olympia Ward) or Cr Tom Melican (Mayor)ocal Councillors, Cr Peter Castaldo (Griffin Ward), Cr Craig Langdon (Olympia Ward) or Cr Tom Melican (Mayor) and the Banyule Council Planning department. And of course speak to your neighbours.

You can lodge objections online at: https://www.banyule.vic.gov.au/Services/Planning/Objections-to-Planning-Applications/Lodge-an-Objection. Council are receiving feedback until 4 July 2017.

Council are also holding a Public Drop-In Information Session this Thursday 22 June between 6pm-7.30pm. Unfortunately it is being held in Greensborough rather than Ivanhoe. Locaton: Hawdon Room, Greensborough Civic Centre, Level 4, 1 Flintoff St, Greensborough.


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