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Latest News


A great story in The Age today (page 9) on the Save Ivanhoe campaign:


Buy the paper, cut out the article, stick it on your fridge and tell your neighbours!

To keep you in the loop, 4 residents from the Save Ivanhoe coordinating group met with Banyule Council yesterday to voice our concerns. Representing the Council was Simon McMillan (CEO), Vincent Ryan (Manager of Strategic Development), Scott Walker (Director of Planning) and Cr. Jenny Mulholland. We thank them for their time in such short notice.

It was a good initial discussion and a chance for Council to hear the main concerns of residents. While the 5 September date was not changed Banyule Council understands that with the 2nd round of the draft there will need to be significantly more consultation with residents. Simon McMillan did not put a timeline on the next phase of the drafting but committed that the Council will ensure residents are included as part of the process. It was agreed that a number of 'town hall' meetings would be held with residents to explain the plan and that Council executive and Councillors would be available some time in the coming weeks to walk around parts of Ivanhoe with residents and get their feedback. More information on this will be forwarded in the coming days.

Key message at the moment is to get your feedback in to Council by 5 September!

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