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Latest News


Hi Neighbour

We received this note from local MP, Anthony Carbines, announcing mandatory height controls for the Ivanhoe Activity Centre. This is a fantastic step to uphold the guidelines agreed to in the Ivanhoe Structure Plan.

This is the most significant announcement since the Structure Plan was agreed to 3 years ago. Please read the press release and documents attached as these new controls will provide certainty for Ivanhoe, in particular, they will protect against development applications that are considerably outside the Structure Plan guidelines.

This is particularly important as there are 'live' applications currently before VCAT, such as 40 Upper Heidelberg Rd, that are 3-4 stories above the guidelines in the planning scheme.

Please note, these height controls are relevant for the commercials areas and do not include the residential zones.

As a background, Banyule City Council is part of a pilot program being coordinated by the State Government, where height controls are being strengthened throughout select activity centres. The aim is to give developers and community certainty over what can and cannot be built.

Banyule Council initiated this process for mandatory controls with the State Government a number of months ago. On behalf of the community we wish to thank Banyule Councillors and officers for continuing to protect the Structure Plan guidelines that residents, traders, councillors and council officers worked so hard to achieve between 2011-2015.

The press release notes "Minister Wynne has approved the interim controls without transitional provisions, so that all "live" permit applications are assessed against the new controls... Interim mandatory controls will last 11 months, giving Banyule City Council the time it needs to do the strategic work necessary for permanent controls to be established."

On behalf of Save Ivanhoe Residents Group we would like to thank Anthony Carbines and his office for advocating these measures for the Ivanhoe community.

We will keep you up to date with further information.


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