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Latest News


Hello Neighbour

In welcome news to the community the Victorian Minister for Planning, Richard Wynne, has approved Permanent Height Controls for the Ivanhoe Activity Centre. This is a significant milestone.

A little background. For the last 2 years Ivanhoe has been part of an Activity Centre Pilot Program run by the Department of Planning. Three activity centres were identified for inclusion as part of the pilot program – Moonee Ponds, Ivanhoe and Johnston Street Fitzroy/Collingwood. These centres were identified as they each offered characteristics and attributes considered helpful for the assessment of development in activity centres.

The key findings can be found here in the Activity Centre Key Findings Report. For those who have been involved in the process for the last 6 years, this report is well worth a read. Of note are the findings about Ivanhoe on pages 10-11. "Throughout [the Structure Plan's] development over 1600 interested members of the Ivanhoe community participated and approximately 700 submissions were received."

To put it simply - this would not have been possible without the huge community and council involvement in the development of the Ivanhoe Structure Plan.

There were 79 submissions, 66 which were in favour of the permanent height controls. You can read further information on the process here as well as the consultants report Amendment C123 - explanatory notes.

The recommendation for Ivanhoe was for preferred maximum height controls to be directly converted to mandatory maximum height controls. The permanent height controls came in to effect 27 September 2018.

On behalf of the Save Ivanhoe Residents Group we would like to thank all those residents who have contributed to the process since 2011. A particular gratitude to Anthony Carbines (State Member for Ivanhoe), Richard Wynne (Minister for Planning), Craig Langdon (Councillor), Peter Castaldo (Councillor), Tom Melican (Councillor), Simon McMillan (Banyule - CEO) and Scott Walker (Banyule Council - Director of City Development) for advocating for Permanent Height Controls over an extended period of time.



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