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Latest News


Have you been to the Banyule Council's 'Ivanhoe Project' webpage recently? There are plenty of updates and new documents to download. http://www.banyule.vic.gov.au/ivanhoeproject/

Information on the recent 'built form' workshops is available to download as is a contact list for members of the CCC.

Role of the Ivanhoe Project Community Consultative Committee, new members and contact list

Council established a Community Consultative Committee to act as a sounding board for the project. The committee is comprised of residents, local traders, community groups and service agencies. The Committee provides feedback and advice on the development of the plan and the consultative process.

The Committee has no formal decision-making role and acts in a voluntary capacity. However the committee has significant input into the process and the nature of the consultation.

Below is a contact list of new members of the Ivanhoe Project Community Consultative Committee. This membership list has been provided to improve the community’s understanding of the complexion of the ICCC.



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